Do I need to prepare the skin before I print Paddyprints body art?

It is very important to prepare the skin for printing if the person is sweaty or has on any lotions or sunblock. For best results, use alcohol to wipe the area and then dust with baby powder. Make sure you completely brush away the baby powder before printing the skin with the body glue. It is always best to prepare the skin for printing.

How do I apply body glue to the wooden stamp to make sure I get the perfect print?

When applying glue to the Paddyprints Wooden Stamp, the most important thing to remember is to “PAT” the body glue on the stamp using the beveled edge of a 1″ sponge brush. When you “PAT” the body glue onto the stamp, it forms a bubbly texture – this is what you want to see. If you brush the body glue onto the stamp, you are brushing the glue right off the stamp. Make sure the entire stamp is covered with the bubbly texture – this might require that you go over the stamp a couple of times, rotating the stamp around,  to make sure all the areas are evenly covered with body glue.

What is the best technique for printing on the skin?

After you have patted the body glue onto the wooden stamp, gently roll the stamp across the skin. Start at one side and with one motion, roll to the next side. Then lift the stamp from the skin. Do not roll back over the printed area. Let the glue dry clear on the skin and then puff or apply glitter to the area. You can add as many colors as you desire. Using your white lollipop sponge brush, move the glitter around and press it into the glue area to make your Paddyprints Glitter Body Art Print. Brush the excess glitter off with a makeup brush.


How can I apply body glitter or tattoo dust to faces without getting it everywhere?

First of all, be very careful with body glue, tattoo dust, and body glitter around the eyes (we recommend the arms, legs, etc). Immediately rinse with water if any gets into the eyes. After printing the face with body glue, and letting it dry clear, use a white lollipop sponge brush. Apply body glitter or tattoo dust onto the lollipop sponge and apply it to the face area. Continue this process until your body art is finished.

FACE STAMPING VIDEO (coming soon!)

Do I have to let the body glue dry clear on the skin before I apply body glitter or tattoo dust?

Yes. For the best results, you should let the body glue dry clear before applying body glitter or tattoo dust.

Is the body glue safe for skin?

Our body glue does not contain latex and is safe to use on all skin. It is a non-toxic, water-resistant cosmetic-grade adhesive. However, if you are prone to skin allergies it is always best to test a small area first before using. The MSDS is available upon request.

Can I use any type of glitter?

Our body glitters meet the FDA requirements for safety. Cosmetic grade glitter is a poly-coated pigment with no metal particles and should be .008 microns in size or smaller to conform to the FDA standards for safe use on skin. Most craft glitters you purchase in stores, can contain metal particles, and they can be poly-coated dyes that can leach out when they come in contact with moisture. These can be harmful if you get them in the eye. Even though it is safe, we do not recommend using our body art glitter and glue on the face (especially not near the eyes). Most children love to see their tattoos, therefore arms, legs, shoulders, etc. are preferred areas. Even with a perfectly safe product, the glitter could be an irritant in the eye. The MSDS is available upon request.

How long will my body art last?

Your body art will last up to 3 days (sometimes even longer if you baby them).

How do I remove the body art from my skin?

To remove the body art, use 91% alcohol to soak a paper towel and lay it across the printed area.  Let sit for a few minutes and wipe the body art off.  If 91% alcohol is not available, you can scrub the printed area with any type of oily product such as baby oil.

Are the body art prints waterproof?

Yes, they are. They might lose a little bit of their luster if you scrub them, or if you swim all day.

How do I take care of my Paddyprints Wooden Stamps?

We recommend lightly rinsing your stamps off with water, cleaning out the grooves, and patting them dry, after each use. You can print multiple prints before cleaning your stamps, as long as you don’t allow the glue to dry on the stamp. If you are at an event, use a spray bottle filled with water (we usually have a bucket underneath to catch the runoff). Remember to spray the stamp before the glue dries on it, and pat it dry. Let the stamp dry before using it again (if the stamp is not dry, the water on it will “water down” the body glue and it will not print effectively). If over time, your stamps get an excessive amount of glue buildup, you can rub the glue off by starting at one corner and rubbing hard with your thumb. Sometimes you can get your stamp back to an “almost new” status. If your stamps are sticky, dust them with a tiny amount of baby powder before storing them, to keep them from sticking together.


How do I keep glitter and tattoo dust from sticking to the skin when I am sweaty or wearing lotion?

Brush the area you want to print with baby powder (use a big makeup brush or paintbrush). Make sure you cover more than enough area with the powder to compensate for loose body glitter falling on the skin. Make sure to brush away all of the powder with a makeup brush before printing on the skin.


How many body art prints can I get out of a 1/2 ounce bottle of body glue?

You should be able to get approximately 50 body art prints from a 1/2oz bottle of glue and a 1/2oz bottle of body glitter (we do recommend you use at least two colors of body glitter for a more awesome print).

Can I reuse my sponge brushes?

Yes, you can. If you want to reuse your 1” sponge brush for body glue, you must wash it out before it has a chance to dry. After washing the sponge brush out, you must let it dry completely before using it again. If the body glue dries in the brush, it cannot be reused. It is not necessary to use water to wash out your white lollypop sponge brush (this is the one you use to move the glitter around on the skin and press the glitter in). Just wipe it off dry to remove excess glitter.

How do I print body art with multiple colors?

After the body glue has dried on the skin, simply apply the different colors of body glitter or tattoo dust in or near the areas you want. Then using a lollipop sponge brush, pull the colors into the desired areas and press into the glue.


How do I use a stamp that is cut into pieces for multi-colored body art?

To use our multi-piece stamps, you apply the body glue to the largest piece first and print it onto the skin. Allow the glue to dry and apply the desired body glitter or mica powder. Brush off with a makeup brush. Now you can see the area that the next piece fits into. Apply the body glue to the next piece and print the exposed area on the skin that is associated with the stamp. Allow that print to dry and apply your body glitter or tattoo dust as desired. Brush off with a makeup brush.


What if I leave my body glue outside in the cold and it freezes?

Body glue will freeze if left in freezing weather, if this happens it will NOT be usable.

Can I order more body glue during the winter months?

During the winter months, we only ship Express or Priority Mail for orders containing Body Glue. We keep a watch on the weather and ship accordingly (we simply cannot ship if the weather is freezing). We can not be responsible for packages left unattended, so we recommend you watch for your order, to ensure it is not left out in the cold. We cannot ship Body Glue internationally during the winter. We recommend you order body glue during the spring, summer, and fall seasons to ensure you have enough on hand.

Do you sell wholesale?

We offer a wholesale discount of 50% to qualified re-sellers.  A tax ID is required to purchase wholesale.  The minimum initial order is $1000.00 ($500.00 net) plus shipping. Orders are charged with exact shipping costs. Each subsequent order requires a minimum order of $100.00 ($50.00 net) plus shipping. Wholesale accounts must purchase a minimum of 2 identical products for each purchased (i.e. 2 butterflies, 2 footballs, 2 body glues, 2 raspberry pink glitters, 2 sapphire blue glitters, etc.). These minimum requirements are subject to change. Wholesale discounts not available for Kits or Special Orders.

Please contact us here for additional information.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

• Yes, we do. Special orders and kits are not discounted.
• 15% Discount for orders over $350 with discount code Big15
• 25% discount for orders over $500 with discount code Big25

How do I use my Paddyprints Wooden Stamps for fabric printing?

Wash clothing or fabric to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener. Place a piece of wax paper inside the shirt or under the fabric, to prevent fabric paint from bleeding through. Remove staples from multi-piece stamps. Use a “brush-on” fabric paint (not one you use for outlining). We use and recommend Jacquard fabric paint for the best results. To print on dark fabrics, use a fabric paint that is formulated to cover dark fabrics. We use and recommend Jacquard Neopaque fabric paint. You may need to thin your fabric paint with just a little water if it has become too thick.

Using the beveled edge of your 1″ sponge brush, “PAT” the fabric paint onto the stamp using an “up and down” motion. This will cause tiny bubbles to form. Make sure the fabric paint is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the stamp, rotating the stamp to cover all the area. “PATTING” to form a bubbly texture is very important for a good quality print.
Firmly press the stamp onto the fabric, and apply even pressure over the back and edges of the stamp. If you are using a multi-piece stamp, leave the first piece down on the fabric and fit the other pieces into it. Then lift the stamp straight up while holding the fabric down.

If your print is too light, re-apply more fabric paint to the stamp and re-stamp over the original print to double-print. Align one point and carefully lay the stamp back down over the first print.
Let dry for 8 hours. Heat set your fabric by ironing on the wrong side for 1-2 minutes (or as directed by your fabric paint). After heat setting, add your embellishments.

To embellish with glitter, use “crystal” glitter dimensional fabric paint in an outline bottle. We use and recommend Scribbles. Apply it over the printed area.  This will look milky but will dry clear, leaving only the sparkles.  We like lots of sparkles, so we also puff on “crystal” ultra-fine fabric glitter to the milky area while it is still wet.  When the milky glue dries clear, only sparkles remain. To add rhinestones, use the same “crystal” glitter dimensional fabric paint in an outline bottle and glue them on, making sure the glue comes up around the edges of the rhinestones for best adhesion. For the “Best Sparkle”, we use Swarovski rhinestones (Hot Fix Crystals) which can be attached with fabric glue, “crystal” glitter dimensional fabric paint or a “Hot Fix” heat tool. To outline your creation, use “crystal” or “colored” glitter dimensional fabric paint in an outline bottle (Scribbles) or a fabric marker (we use and recommend Marvy fabric markers with the fine tip). Use your imagination….add wiggle eyes, tulle, ribbon, etc. Turn inside out to wash.


Do you make special orders?

Yes, we can make special orders. Please email us a drawing of the exact design and size you want to be made. Try to keep your special order basic and not overly detailed (which makes for a better-finished design). We’ll contact you to let you know if we can make it and the pricing. Most special orders will run around $12. Please send your request to [email protected] and we will get back to you on your custom stamp.